Plastic Pallets

OD: 1200 L x 1200 W x 160 H
OD: 1200 L x 1200 W x 160 H
OD: 1200 L x 1200 W x 160 H

Single side pallets with highly durable design, delivers a consistent performance during the life cycle. Economical and also meet international shipping standard.

Other features of the pallet include: ergonomic handle design, anti-slip grommets, and fields for hot stamping, labels, label placards and mold-in logos. The pallet has a hygienic design that allows for easy cleaning.

All these features make this product an excellent choice for companies that are looking to reduce their costs and improve return on investments.


Catalogue book page 109



Those pallet is hygienic and washable, material we used comply with International Standart regulations such as is :

  • FDA approved
  • GMP, HACCP & ISO22001 (Food safety)
  • Exempted from ISPM-15 (Exports)
  • 5S (Clean manufacturing environment)
  • ISO 9001 (Quality management system)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental protection)



OD : 1200 L x 1200 W x 160 H


  • REMARK                   : Solid Surface, 4-way entry, Forklift, Handlift
  • STATIC LOAD         : 3000 kgs
  • DYNAMIC LOAD  : 1500 kgs
  • RACKING LOAD  : 1000 kgs
  • Material: Polypropylene Block Copolymer (PPBC)



- All of the product's dimension is rounded off.

- For actual sizes please refer to the dimension.

- Measurement in mm

- ID: Inside Dimension

- OD: Outside Dimension