About Us



Established in 1972 as one of the first plastics manufacturer in Indonesia, PD Indra has pioneered the field of plastic injection products for industrial applications. In 1995, we re-incorporated as PT Indragraha Nusaplasindo with the aim of accelerating the local adaption and applications of plastics products. We have since developed a rapid built-to-suit system that responded to the evolving needs of the industrial market. By bringing products such as multipurpose containers, plastic pallets, bottle cases, dust bins, poultry equipments and many more, we helped to revolutionized the application and usage of plastics for many local industries including automotive, heavy manufacturing, agricultures/aquacultures, and retail distributions.



As the industrial plastics pioneer in Indonesia, PT Indragraha Nusaplasindo aims to become the most advanced manufacturer in Indonesia to serve our customers rapidly changing needs. Our mission is to stay ahead of the curve and in line with market developments by focusing on innovation and technology.


PT Indragraha Nusaplasindo continuously invests in our operations to develop new solutions and quality products for our customers while saving costs. Our pursuit of product quality hinges on our focus on process improvements, manufacturing technologies, and employing top notch personnel. Our production facility spans over 32,000 m2 and is equipped with a complete range of the latest injection technologies.


Our suite of machineries enable high quality production and custom made engineered designs of pallets and plastic containers. We are supported by committed personnels who dedicated to their role and to our customers. The mechanization of our operations ensures costs saving which we ultimately pass onto our customers.




Our products are distributed across major cities in Indonesia.


We also ship to overseas countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Bangladesh, Czech Republic and many more.